Here is how to control your home appliances remotely directly from your smartphone, with the hOn app.

Imagine being at the office and starting your washing machine. Or preheating your oven while you are on your commute home! Have you ever thought: did I turn off the air conditioner? How nice would it be to find your home warm and welcoming when you get back?

With the hOn app, you can control, manage, and optimise your smart appliances from a single digital touchpoint.

The hOn app provides access to essential info at any time: you can turn your electronic devices on/off, select programs, adjust the timers, monitor the energy savings modes and much more!

Smart appliances: benefits

Choosing smart appliances and having a smart home has many benefits:

  • Freedom of use, you will be free to activate your smart appliances whenever you want, without any time constraints.
  • Energy efficiency, with significant energy savings.
  • Resource optimization to reduce waste.

Controlling your appliances remotely with the hOn app

For a smart home, having smart and connected appliances is an essential prerequisite. With the hOn app, you can have the following on your smartphone:

  • Smart home hub: a control centre to monitor current or scheduled activities in the app Homepage.
  • Remote connection: to start and control the duration and status of a program with the app, such as managing your refrigerator temperature, stopping an oven cooking program and much more.
  • Voice control enabled: hOn also works with Alexa and Google Home, to broaden your smart home experience.
  • Statuses and updates in real time: thestatus of your connected appliances is monitored constantly, to report any potential issues, prevent faults and maximise performance and the appliance’s life cycle.
  • Warnings and messages in one place: like a centralised email, easy to navigate and use.
  • Quick guides to make your life smarter: you can receive step-by-step instructions with animated guides, to help you connect your devices more easily and keep them perfectly functioning over time. 

In your smart home, hOn is the essential app to gain complete access to a truly smart experience.

The hOn app offers an infinite set of functions based on user habits and behaviours making the User Experience always easy, user-friendly and unique.

8 October 2021 hOn