Do you want to load your dishwasher, but don’t know where to start? Find out how technology can lend you a hand, for perfect dishware, always.

Learning how to load your dishwasher, by following an efficient method is the first step to obtain clean glasses and plates, without any unpleasant surprises, such as cracks on your glass rims.

In this step-by-step guide, you’ll find some simple rules and a few tricks that can help you load your dishwasher perfectly every day!

Loading the dishwasher: first steps

First of all, remove all food residues from your plates to avoid clogging the filter.

Then load the appliance by placing the dishware in a stable manner, preventing them from moving or tipping during the washing cycle and from blocking the washing arms; to make sure they are free to turn without hindrances, turn them slowly clockwise by hand before starting the dishwasher.

How to arrange your dishware in the dishwasher: bottom basket

In the bottom basket, you should place the dishware that takes up more space and that are dirtier and more encrusted. This does not mean just the plates, but also large bowls, pans and pots as well. Plates should always be arranged vertically, following the racks. You should place trays and cutting boards on the outside, and salad bowls and pots on the inside, facing downward. Even larger kitchen tools, such as ladles, serving spoons and spatulas should be placed in the same spot as the cutlery basket.

How to arrange your wine glasses in the dishwasher: top basket

You don’t need to be a cleaning master to know that glasses should be placed in the top basket, head down. Also mugs, cups and small bowls can be arranged on the top basket, close enough to be stable, but not too much, to prevent them from breaking.

How do I put all these tips into practice? Thanks to the hOn app, you can consult a virtual assistant on your smartphone that will help you load your dishwasher any time of the day. Simply choose the best function for you!

Thanks to the Dish Placer function, by choosing the kitchenware category and type, the app will show you the areas where to place them in order to obtain a better wash. Plus, it will also help you optimize spaces and results by using the accessories provided.

There’s another hOn function that helps you maximize performance by simply taking a picture of your dishwasher baskets. The algorithm identifies the type of kitchenware and materials arranged and provides you useful tips on their correct positioning, on load optimization and on the types of materials that cannot be washed in the dishwasher. Lastly, based on the quantity and type of kitchenware inserted, it suggests the best washing cycle for your needs.

Loading your dishwasher by optimizing space and without having to wash anything else by hand?  Now you can, with the hOn app.

, 8 October 2021 hOn