How do I find the best washing machine programs for my garments? Find out all the useful tips and suggestions.

Regardless of your appliance model, washing machine programs differ based on the washing load, water temperature, spin cycle rotations, cycle duration, sanitizing steam function and type of fabric. What are the program symbols on a standard washing machine, andhow can you find the right program for your garments?

Washing machine program symbols: how to recognize them

There are several washing machine program symbols. The most common are:

  • Cold wash, identified by a snowflake.
  • Quick wash, identified by a clock with three lines on the side.
  • Easy-to-iron or crease-free, identified by the iron symbol.
  • Soaking, identified by a bucket full of water.
  • Spin cycle, identified by a spiral.
  • Water discharge, identified by a water bucket with an arrow pointing downwards.
  • Green program, identified by the ECO word or green arrows.

Apart from those, there are also programs for the type of fabric you are washing, with the name of the fabric on them. Here are the symbols of the washing machine programs for fabrics:

  • Cotton, identified by a t-shirt or a cotton flower.
  • Synthetic garments (polyamide and polyester), identified by a triangle open on one side.
  • Wool, identified by a ball of yarn (and sometimes by a bucket of water with a hand inside it).
  • Silk, identified by a butterfly.

Washing machine program duration: how long does a washing cycle last?

There is no specific time for each cycle. The washing machine program duration is determined by the type of load, water pressure, type of fabric and temperature set.

By reference, the shortest programs such as the pre-wash and the quick cycle, last about 15 minutes, while those for very soiled garments can last longer than 1 hour. Remember that in order to reduce the cycle time, you can also reduce the spin rotations, use only cold or lukewarm water (up to 30°/40°) and do less rinsing. This solution will ensure excellent results only with light garments (2 kg, give or take).

Now that you are familiar with the washing machine symbols, you should select the temperature and duration of the washing cycle. Did you know that there is a shortcut? A virtual assistant that simplifies and improves your life: the hOn app.

Just take a picture of the label and the app will recognize the washing symbols and suggest the best program. You can also save the label within the Virtual Closet and create an ID for your garment: add some other info – such as pictures, colour, fabric, and personal tags – to have them always at your disposal.  Also, from the Virtual Closet, you can select several garments that you want to wash together: the hOn app will suggest the best program, based on the specific info on each garment.

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