What are the main smart appliances and their most useful features? Discover how to build a smart home perfect for you and your needs!

Maybe we haven’t quite reached the technological advancements imagined popular fiction of the last century, however, thanks to the development of the Internet of Things, our home of the future is closer and within everyone’s reach.

What are smart appliances and how do they work?

So-called smart appliances are a widespread reality, and having a smart home is no longer impossible! What features make an appliance truly “smart”?

The true revolution is not the fact that appliances can perform certain operations independently, but rather the option to choose. Thanks to the functions of connected devices, you can configure your network to communicate and monitor the status of your appliance through a smartphone or tablet.

The essential feature of a smart appliance is connecting to your home Wi-Fi so that you can control it remotely: this will lead to an integrated and efficient experience, perfectly tailored to your needs. Your appliances are capable of performing many household chores independently, to optimise your time and energy during the day.

Smart appliances and functions

Turning on the oven before you get home from work and starting the dishwasher while comfortably sitting on the couch, watching a film. A smart home is a dream come true!

With the hOn app, you can control your smart oven, and also have access to many additional pieces of content that can help you prepare your dishes. When it comes to cooking, hOn lets users choose between a wide range of guided recipes. In the Tips & Hints section, you will find many tips on how to clean your oven, cook many different ingredients and use the special functions in the best way possible.

No more wasted food and longer conservation times, thanks to the smart fridge inventory. The app will send you a notification to remind you when your produce is about to expire. Also, with the smart wine cooler you can scan the label of your wine bottles to obtain all the relevant info, such as the winery, the type and star review by Vivino users.

If you have a smart purifier, you can activate the Sleep function – silent mode – to enjoy clean air even while you are sleeping. And with the smart air conditioner, you can schedule the program, mode, frequency and time interval for every day of the week, with the weekly timer.

To save time when sorting your garments before turning on the washing machine, try the specific function to receive washing tips simply by taking a picture of your laundry. The app identifies your garment volume and colour to suggest the most suitable washing program to take care of your garment, as well as optimize time and consumption.

See how many things you can do with a smart home and appliances? And this is just the beginning!