The latest update of the hOn app marks the start of a new era. Discover the innovative Smart Widgets and revolutionise your living experience!

hOn is the expert that presents concrete solutions to resolve your issues smartly and interactively, with the introduction of new features and solutions that will change your home experience forever. 

The app not only allows you to enjoy the smart functions of Candy, Hoover and Haier household appliances; thanks to the new Smart Widgets, it now has a series of exclusive features, accessible to anyone wishing to make their life more efficient through technology.  

Accessible to all, the hOn app offers an ever-growing range of valuable benefits. Let’s be the first to discover them! 

From optimising the laundry to organising the kitchen: find out how to improve your life with the new Smart Widgets

The overflowing laundry basket waiting for the wash. That tomato stain on your favourite shirt that just won’t come out. Thinking up a menu for a last-minute dinner with friends. Filling the pantry with the ingredients you need. And what about the wine?  

As of today, there’s an app to help you, and that app is called hOn. In fact, the new Smart Widgets can help at any time of day. Completely free of charge and available on your smartphone

hOn is no longer just an app you use to manage your smart household appliances and make the most of their potential; it’s now a digital ecosystem that allows you to fully experience the Smart Home concept as Connected Life, and you’re at the centre of it. From automating your laundry to organising your pantry, but also the ordinary administration of maintenance operations. Control the environment around you in a couple of clicks and make more time for enjoying life and doing the things you love

So, if you haven’t already done so, download the hOn app – available for Android, iPhone and Huawei – and don’t miss out on a world of widgets coming to your screen! 

How do the hOn Smart Widgets work?

Find the ideal wash programme to remove all kinds of stain thanks to hOn guides, the expert who gives you the right advice for each garment. Easily convert food quantities into the units you want, without the need for scales, even when you’re in the middle of a recipe! Or even – and this will come in handy on those hot summer days – an intelligent assistant that can help you cool your favourite drink fast in the freezer, and let you know when it’s ready. Your four-legged friend, as well, will love hOn app thanks to the Pet Care Widget! Create its virtual passport, organize its schedule, discover lots of exclusive content and buy what you need directly from the app. 

These are just a few of the Smart Widgets available on the hOn app: to discover all the others, all you need to do is download it! You’ll find the “Your Widgets” section on the home page.  

The hOn ecosystem never stops growing, there’s always something new to discover. What are you waiting for? Download the app and start your journey with hOn! 

, 26 May 2023 hOn