Can you live in a sustainable way at home and reduce waste, without giving up anything? Here are some small day-to-day actions that can make a difference.

Living in a sustainable manner is not a passing trend; it is something we cannot prescind from. Adopting a sustainable lifestyle does not mean only eating organic food and buying sustainable clothes; and respecting the environment does not necessarily mean giving up everything. To increase the level of sustainability in your home, you must reduce consumption.

You should implement a set of virtuous behaviours in your everyday life to reduce waste and the useless dispersion of energy.

How to reduce energy waste in your home: 3 tips

Here are 3 tips to save energy and lower your bills.

  1. Use natural light: use natural light as much as possible and open your shutters during the day. Sunlight warms and lights up your rooms. Switching off the lights you don’t need will help you save about 60 Euro every year!
  2. Arrange your food in the refrigerator correctly: arranging your food the wrong way or setting the wrong cooling temperature can lead to useless energy waste. With a smart fridge, your appliance will suggest the correct temperature you should use, based on the specific food and on your habits. Plus, you will get tips on how to arrange your food correctly on the shelves.
  3. Choosing the right cooking method: even choosing the right cooking method is essential to save gas. Opt for a pressure cooker for longer cooking times, use lids and select the burner based on the pots and pans. With an induction top, you can set the maximum energy levelvia the relevant function.

Living sustainably, the importance of having smart appliances

Adopting a sustainable lifestyle at home also means paying attention to consumption and energy savings. A correct practice in this sense is switching off the appliances we don’t use: we should always remember to do this, since they can affect energy waste. If you are not good at remembering things, ask an ally such as the hOn app to help you manage the smart appliances in your green and smart home. You can control your devices while sitting down, from another room or even when your are out, using the remote functions.

For instance, in the Instant Consumption* section, you can monitor their consumption in real time, on a scale from low, to medium to high.

Living sustainably is possible, and you can start doing it today, with the help of technology and by implementing these tips!

* The Instant Consumption function is available only for washing machines.

, 11 October 2021 hOn